Filofax Beginnings–LES

My filofax journey began in college, in the late 90s. My favorite planner was a… get this, a (non filofax) furry leopard skin pocket sized binder I bought for $9.99 in a gas station. I *loved* that thing. It had its own inserts and everything. This was at a time when I loved leopard skin everything, in a vintage inspired sort of way. I still do, just not to the same extent 🙂 Still, a leopard skin filo would be something, yes? I have no idea what happened to that binder, though I do believe it eventually began to fall apart. But when I think of it I think of college… discovering independence, romance, ambition, lemon drops, Kate Bush. Meeting my husband to be. I would really love to discover that binder in an old box somewhere, see what it says.

At some point, right when I was heading to graduate school, I bought a red patent leather pocket filofax at the stationary store in Amherst, MA, right next to that mediocre coffee shop that has since turned into a Mexican restaurant. I used that red patent filo for a while in graduate school, on and off, but it never stuck quite the same way as that fuzzy leopard skin one. That red patent one I swear I have somewhere… but again, I can’t seem to turn it up! They’re probably both hiding in a box somewhere, whispering secrets to each other.

When I rediscovered this planner love, recently, I think at first I was trying to recover old memories of an organized past. First I purchased a patent purple original, and then a pocket red finsbury.

The purple original is cheerful, and slick, but I wish it had more pockets, and sadly it came from Amazon with a gap in one of the rings, which I realized too late. purpleoriginal purpleoriginal2

The red pocket Finchley is basically perfect, actually, and stole a bit of my heart. Tut at this stage in my life I don’t think a pocket is sufficient, especially given that this one does not double as a wallet. But I think that someday in the future, this Finchley will be a daily companion.


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